Width of columns in Excel-output


Is there a way to set the width of columns in Excel-output to adjust to the length of the content?
I have made a cli command which automates a transform, but out always have too narrow columns.

No. We don’t provide a way to change Excel basic formatting. I think it is unlikely that we are ever going to cover the presentation of the data in Excel (column width, font, bold, italic etc).

I just noticed I can append to a file. So I should be able to make a standard file and make sure to append to it instead of overwriting. I will try this.

I guess that could work.

I don’t know if there is any way to make it work with Excel templates.

I do not use the Excel template format.
Just an .xlsx file with the header and a certain column width as the image below. Then the rows are appended to the file.
My cli setup copies the template file in place before the transformation.

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