Snapshot release 11-Sep-2023

There is a new snapshot release at:

It adds portability features to Easy Data Transform. Meaning that you can:

  • Install Easy Data Transform on computers where you are not admin.
  • Install Easy Data Transform on a USB key and move between computers.

See the release notes for more details. Please try it and let us know if you have any issues.

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Wonderful. You guys are awesome!

Hi @Admin,

Thank you so very much for this quick availability of Portable version.

Here are the steps that I took to move away from the Program Files folder on Windows to my own folder EDT.


  1. Download the zip version and unzip it to the location of your choosing in my cast it was D:\APPS\EDT or if you download the installer version then during install choose the folder where you want it to be.

  2. Now run the program from folder where you extracted and go to menu Edit → Prefrences

  3. Now choose portable.ini file for Store these preferences in

It will create the ini file in the folder where you have extracted or installed EDT, with the settings that you have with the previously installed version.

Now close the program and you can safely uninstall the Previous Installed version, and moving forward you can run the program for your chosen folder.

On macOS to avoid warning and such, once you download the file make note of the location where you have downloaded it (in my case it was the download folder under my home) and then open up the terminal and enter the following command.

xattr -d ~/Downloads/EasyDataTransform_1_42_1_snapshot_1.dmg

The above command is on one line. Once you run the above command, you can now safely install the Program to the folder of your choosing and when you run from it, it will not give you any error or warning that was mentioned on the snapshot release page.

Do the same, run the program from your chosen location and change the preferences to store in portable.ini, that will save your settings from the installed application to the folder where you have put the portable version.

Now you have portable version in both places with the setting that you had in your installed version.

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Hoping to see EDT top the portableapp charts soon now

Thanks @Anonymous . I was able to install the Mac version onto a memory key without using xattr but (weirdly) I have to install to /Applications first, then drag that to the memory key. Otherwise I got messages about it being ‘damaged’.

No issues installing the Windows version to a memory key.

I looks like a lot of work to meet their specification:

I did not try to install on USB, I first wanted to get rid of dependency on IT support to install new and uninstall old version. I went straight to put EDT to my chosen location and run and it worked perfectly.

For macOS, after reading the issues that you mentioned, I did not disable gatekeeper, simply ran the above mentioned command on the downloaded file and then install the app in the folder EDT under my home directory and ran the application without any issue or warning. Then simply set the preference and got my EDT as portable.

I did not try on macOS to install directly on USB, but after reading your post above, I drag and drop my EDT folder to USB and it is working fine, without any warning or issues.

Also no need for PortableApps, it is much simpler and easy, just to drag and drop the EDT folder to where ever you like and it runs flawlessly.

As per your suggestion we can have folder EDT with two sub folders named Win and macOS and copy the portable versions in to their respective folders according to the operating system and then can ran EDT from USB on either Windows or macOS computer and can update these two folders with the new releases and have EDT up to date with you all the time for both OS.

If you put the Windows and Mac versions in separate folders, they will have separate .ini files and therefore separate preferences. That might be what you want.

But if you want them to share preferences using a single .ini file, then you need to put them in the same folder.