Snapshot release 11-Nov-21

This snapshot release:

  • Fixes a crash bug and some issues related to cascading column changes in the 08-Nov-21 snapshot.
  • There is now an ignore empty columns option when inputting from file or clipboard.
  • Additional Is empty and Is not empty matches are now available in the Filter, If, New Rows and Slice transforms.
  • Fixed a bug where no header was written to empty Excel sheets when write header and if empty were checked in the Right pane for the output item.
  • Fixed a bug where delimited text files without a final carriage return could show a spurious “Number of values per row vary” warning.

This is in addition to the other changes listed at Snapshot release 08-Nov-21 .

You can download and install this snapshot release using these links:

You can install this release over the top of it the 08-Nov-21 snapshot, if you have installed it.

This snapshot is made available for customers to give feedback on. It has not been tested as fully as a production release, but it should be fairly stable. Please reply to this thread if you have any feedback.

I have noticed something. But does not know if it is only in the snapshot.
XLSX Output.transform (12.6 KB)
In this transform on my macOS machine, then specialcharacters when outputting to XLSX is messed up.
But in XLS they are correct.

@jimmyhartington Thanks for reporting this.

There is a known issue with writing Arabic to Excel on Mac, using Overwrite/Sheet or Append mode, which I can replicate here.

But I haven’t been able to replicate your issue, so far. What version of Excel do you have?

Excel is version 16.56

I’ve got 16.43 here. I will try updating.

Also seems to work fine with Excel 16.54. I wonder what is different on your machine?

Also tried your example .transform with Excel 16.54 on a different Mac. Still coudn’t reproduce the problem.

Can anyone else reproduce this on Mac?

I have created this very simple package with a transform, which also shows the error.

My system is set to Danish. I do not know if that has anything to do with this.
But I am willing to test stuff, if we find out in which area we should look.