Snapshot release 08-Nov-21

  • Previously inserting new transforms between existing transforms could mess up column related parameters downstream. This should now be fixed. However it is a complex issue, so please let us know if you come across any remaining problems related to this.

  • The Sort transform has been speeded up for text columns. Sorting 7 million rows by a column of text during testing, the time was reduced from 220 seconds to 18 seconds.

  • The Join, Lookup, Subtract and Intersect transforms now have a case sensitive matching option.

  • Output items that are outputting to Excel now default to Output mode = Overwrite/Sheet, rather than the previous default of Overwrite/File.

  • The layout of newly added item in the Center pane is now improved.

  • The Filter, If and New Rows transforms now initializes much faster when first added.

  • When an Excel spreadsheet used in an input is moved or a sheets is renamed you are asked to choose the new file location and sheet. The old sheet name is now provided as a hint.

  • Added a Clear button to the Right pane for the Sort transform.

  • A newly created Sort transform now has no sort levels. This is quicker when sorting large datasets. The fact that sort levels need to be added is also made more clearer with a red outline and ghost text.

  • Previously when the Delimiter was set to Automatic for delimited text files, the number of commas, semi-colons, colons, tabs, pipes and carets were counted and the most common was set as the delimiter. Now colons are ignored, as they are often used in time values and URLs.

  • Fixed some issues where pop-up windows did not appear on the same screen (of a multiple screen display) as the main window.

You can download and install this snapshot release using these links:

This snapshot is made available for customers to give feedback on. It has not been tested as fully as a production release, but it should be fairly stable. Please reply to this thread if you have any feedback.

This release seems to Gather (unpivot) big tables more quickly.

I don’t think anything has been done in particular on Gather. Although some other change might have had a knock on effect.

Omg @Admin that first bullet is EXACTLY what I had on top of my list of issues to get solved in EDT. Eager to try and see how it works. THANK YOU! Will report feedback.

@Johnnycash Yes, please let me know how you get on. There might still be some bugs to iron out.

Please note that we’ve found some issues with the cascading changes to columns. These could cause downstream columns to be updated incorrectly. And might lead to crashes in some cases (e.g. when deleting transforms). Hopefully we will have another snapshot release that fixes these issues soon.

I had an app crash. attached is the
EDT Nov 9 2021.txt (40.1 KB)

@DanFeliciano Thanks. I think I know the cause.