Size of the input area for transformations and Replace node

Hi Team,

I have 2 requests I would like to make (and my comments are only Macos related because I dont have a windows laptop)

1- Can we expand the input area for some transformations like IF or ideally give an option to expand or not the area that is input vs the bottom tabs in the transformation sections? I see the option to expand the main EDT sections to the side but not up and down on the complete right section where we have horizontal splits. Example here: I can’t expand that input area in the IF transformation:


2- For the replace transformation: could we make the text replacement have some option like contain and equal so that I could possibly replace for example select only rows that have a specific text or rows that contain specific text. Those are different things and it would be useful to have this option.

That 'If table should expand so you can see all that 2nd row. I will look into it. What Mac and what version of macOS do you have?

Sounds sensible. I will have a think about the best way to do that.

Note that you can use If with ‘contains’ and ‘equals’ to achieve what you want. A Replace option would be simpler through.

Also on the wishlist for Replace are:
-multiple replacements in one Replace transform
-optional case insensitive match

Thanks @Admin

  1. I’m using Big Sur 11.2.3 on a Macbook pro 15inch 2017. i7 2.9ghz 16gb.
  2. Yes, I understand that but it takes me considerable more effort to get to my final goal. Those 2 additional replace wishlist items make a lot of sense too.
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I fixed the sizing issue with the If table in the Right pane.

The Replace transform now has:

  • an exact match option
  • a case insensitive option

These will be in the next release.

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Looks great. Let me know if there is a snapshot to test. Additionally, did you verify if the sizing issue is only on the fix transform?

Sizing was mainly an issue with the If transform, but I tweaked it for a few others as well.


Sizing should be improved in this latest release:


A Replace exact match has also been added.