Snapshot release 07-May-21 (various)

There is a new 1.16.1 snapshot release with various improvements:

  • We structured the Right pane to allow you to view/edit multiple items. But We felt this never really worked well. So now it only shows 1 item selected in the Center pane. This allows it to do a much better job of sizing the lists and tables in the Right pane. What do you think, is it an improvement?
  • New Plain text format for input files.
  • An Arithmetic transform for performing arithmetic on pairs of numerical/date columns.
  • Optional case-insensitivity in Replace , Filter , If , Compare Cols , Slice , Split Rows and Dedupe transforms.
  • Optional Space delimiter for delimited text files.

You can find out more and download the release here:

Please let us know if you have any problems or suggestions.