Merging data dynamically from rows to columns

Got a couple of csv files with content like that:

Product ID ORG Where Condition
123456 EMEA UK 15
123456 EMEA DE 16
123456 EMEA FR 17
123456 EMEA IT 14
123456 EMEA ES 12
123456 EMEA PL 22
123456 APAC NZ 25
123456 APAC AU 29
123456 APAC HK 14

I got 85,000 lines, but only 4963 product id’s
What i am stuck with is, how to transform it this way:



Bottom line, i need to configure, how to merge Data and also expand the colums in that step. I haven’t got the slightest idea, how to do this.

I do have a lot more columns, which have identical content, on the other hand i might have 25 lines per product, others might only have 5 lines others 85, depending on the content of those 3 columns ORG; Where, Condition, in some files it could have to be created out of 4 or 5 columns…
So, for each uniqe row with the same product ID i would need an additional column to show the data, but those 4963 product id’s might also share the same unique combination of the example…

I hope i was able to put things together correctly :slight_smile:

Also, i read this one: Function(s) to merge data, and since i need this flexible, i am wondering, how i would setup everything.

Thanks and best

PS: Couldn’t use screenshots, it won’t allow me.

You can do it with Spread:

xeokydo.transform (2.5 KB)