Function(s) to merge data

Hello, can i create something like:

From those colums and rows

And what function(s) I need from easy data transform, to merge those data…?

Thank you for reading and your time

So you want to merge A, D, C and D to give G?

You can do that with the Substitute transform.

See also:

Note that Easy Data Transform can’t currently set colors when outputting to Excel.

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Can’t currently set colors? I am intrigued :slight_smile:

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When Easy Data Transform writes to an Excel file you can set the column type (date, number, text etc) but you can’t set cell appearance (font, color etc). It something people have asked for and it is probably possible, but non-trivial, especially if people want to set multiple formats per cells (e.g. more than one color, as in the screenshot at the top).

Thank you Admin, at the time, I need the data. Without colours.

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The Substitution script, how big can that be?

Theoretically a cell can contain up to approx 1 billion characters. But we have never tried it. ;0)

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For today, it is enough. Tomorrow I think, also

Perfect! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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