How to keep in output sheet (Sheet1 for example)?

I am using EDT output with a Tableau’s template. It some circumstances I need to feed a new set of data using EDT transform but my problem is that in the original Tableau’s template I refers to Sheet1 but EDT changes the name to Easy Data Transform. Is there any way to keep Sheet1?



Yes. Put the sheet name in square brackets.


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@Admin this is one setting which might benefit from a separate input from user. It’s not very intuitive even with a popup informing user about it.

Maybe when the user selects XLSX or XLS as the file , a setting can be showcased which ask user for a default Sheet Name.

We generally try to avoid modal dialogs popping up, where possible. They break the flow and can be quite annoying. But I will give it some thought.

EDT is a powerful program with a graphical UI, nevertheless to manipulate complex data you have to spend thoughts as you have to to for some complex options which you saw in the Unique discussion in another thread.
Doing so I think it is not unreasonable to think by your own on the square brackets, which give you specially a lot of option when you write multiple files out of one program/table. I‘m not a fan of an option field which would be used only for one output format.
Aa an alternative which might be feasible, in case of Excel output „output.xlsx[EasyDataTransform]“ is offered as default and therefore the user recognise and remember the option to chose the sheet.

This is FAB idea , will really help .

That is a possibility and I think preferable to a modal dialog.

Thank you very much, it solved the problem!

The sheet is now explicitly set for new Excel files in the latest snapshot: