How to Kanban or teach me delete empty cells

I have a small CSV containing data Person,Task,Project

I wish to create a Kanban view with Column Name as Person Name and all Projects listed below as rows

I have tried few permutations but not getting the right fit.


Expected Output
Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 2.29.07 PM

Where I am at

Posting Kanban.transform (3.3 KB)

I was able to do it like this:

Posting Kanban 2.transform (4.4 KB)

But it is quite kludgy as you have to manually set the Offset transforms according to the data. Maybe someone can think of a better way without the Offsets?

It will be much easier when we add the new Slide transform, as discussed here:

Hopefully that will be in the next week or two.

Incidentally, our Hyper Plan software is great for Kanban. If I make your data into a CSV and file>open it in Hyper Plan I can get this in a few clicks:

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Yes even I was afraid of this. One more request for Slide+

DUDE !!! I had no clues about HyperPlan being yours ! I was seriously considering to buy it during Summerfest but due to lack of dedicated forum , I was wondering if it’s actively being supported . I shall evaluate it now.

Thank you for bringing this up. For any HyperPlan support , we email ?

Hyper Plan isn’t being actively developed at present, as it is fairly mature and we are concentrating on our Easy Data Transform and PerfectTablePlan products. But we are still providing full customer support. Maybe there will be a Hyper Plan v3 one day.

My Current solution till slide is invented is Output CSV → open csv in excel , go to special , select blank ,delete cells, shift upwards. Save CSV

Input CSV back to EDT and continue the work

Less than ideal. ;0)

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1.41.1 :cowboy_hat_face:

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I use Hyperplan. I will sometimes have a large number of computers (100+) that need to be taken through various steps. With a quick kanban setup in Hyperplan, I can have multiple machines in progress without skipping a step anywhere.

For bills, it’s great. When I pay a bill, I right click its card in Hyperplan and use the shift date function to bump it to the next month. Color coding shows how close things are due, and I keep stored views to filter out things like “due in next two weeks” or “due in next 30 days.”

Highly recommendable.

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Thanks @Amontillado for sharing your workflow.

I am giving it a serious trial , I have tonnes of projects assigned to various team member in QuickBase, the general workflow is to take them in excel and do manual Kanban, print on paper and discuss the project.

i’m trying a small workflow of downloading CSV , uploading CSV in HyperPlan ,discuss various update and then re uploading them back to QuickBase . Hopefully it works

I use Hyperplan daily as part of my personal finances. It’s in less constant use for project checklisting, although very useful for that purpose.

As Andy said, it’s not under active development. As far as I see, it has no bugs.

Initially, I thought I could use Hyperplan as an outlining tool for creative writing. I could use it in that role, but it’s not what I prefer. It was so flexible I kept it anyway.

Hyperplan was how I found Easy Data Transform. Interesting how straight paths of discovery are often not the most rewarding. I wanted an outlining tool and discovered it was far better for bill checklists and repetitive operations. Then I found EDT and the rapid fire data forensics I can get out of it.

That day I downloaded Hyperplan was a good day indeed.

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The new Slide transform is now available:

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Slide works wonderful for me !! Thank You so much

@Admin , One last question would be (and please let me know if I should create a new thread for this) , how to remove duplicates from ‘each’ column or dedupe columns ??

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