Formatted columns output

Hi everyone! I’m Sabino from Italy :wave:, I bought the license a few weeks ago, and I am therefore a new entry in what seems to be the amusement park of data manipulation. :smiley:

I am a user of Excel Power Query, so now I am starting to face what are the first differences in approach to the EDT system, here is the reason for my first request for help. :pray:

My work is organized like this:
I have a master file that I update every day by drawing data from multiple sources.
To date, thanks to Power Query, I clean up these files whose data is organized into tables with columns formatted as they are on the master file.
Then, since some data require a “human” evaluation before being uploaded to the master file, I use a table comparison software, Synkronizer, to proceed with the massive or manual upload for the final part.

Now the question is: unlike Power Query, EDT can’t output to a formatted table?

If the answer is no, at the moment I have solved it in this way: I loaded in one sheet, a table formatted as I need, while in another sheet of the same file, EDT updates the data for me.
At the end CTRL + C of the updated data and paste values ​​in the formatted table.

Only in this way does Synkronizer, which does not have the paste values ​​function, copy the data with the formatting I need to the master file.

Any suggestions for an EDT baby like me? :crazy_face:

Hi @SabinoTNT

Currently Easy Data Transform can set the Excel cell type by column (number, date, text etc):

But it can’t set formatting, such as font, text color, background color.

Is it font, text color etc that you want to set from Easy Data Transform? If so, please can you tell me a bit more about what you want to change in the formatting.

  • font
  • color
  • alignment
  • border
  • create Excel tables
  • something else?

Do you want to set every cell in the column to the same format?

Perhaps send us a small sample.

Note that overwriting a sheet with:


Does not overwrite any Excel table defined on the sheet, but it does clear values and other formatting.