Comments in the center pane

One of the most asked for enhancements is to be able to add comments in the center pane. You can now do that in the latest snapshot:

To add a Note item, right click in the center pane and select Note from the menu. If you right click on an existing item, the Note item will be placed pointing to that item, if there is space.

You can change the comment, arrow direction and color of the Note in the right pane when it is selected.

You can get the snapshot here (if you have visited the page before, make sure to refresh to get the latest version of the page):

The direct links to the downloads are:


Please try it and let us know if you have any problems.

Wow! Thinks looks great and is extraordinarily useful.
Nice job on the recent updates.

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This is a fantastic update @Admin. One thing that isnt really related here is that I wanted to give positive feedback for the dual monitor new feature. Very useful and works well.

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Thanks. Hoping to have it wrapped up into a full release this week. (No promises!)

@Admin do you have any roadmap of what features you have in your mind and what comes next?

There is a database full of ideas for enhancements.

Some of the ones currently near the top of the list include:
-integration with databases
-integration with web APIs
-multiple threads of execution for improved speed
-better access to the underlying data in the Javascript transform
-more compact output to XML and JSON
-more transforms

But it pretty dynamic, and based heavily on user feedback. For example, the dual screen mode and center pane notes were suggested by customers.

Thanks @Admin very thoughtful! The multi-thread execution is definitely important for me. I like where you guys are going.

How long is it currently taking to process a typical job? Is there a lot of parallelism (e.g. several separate branches in the .transform file)?

Some of the above features might go into a separate ‘Professional’ edition of Easy Data Transform. But there will still be affordable and there will be an upgrade path. No definite decision about that yet.

Thanks for the transparency @Admin. On my side it really depends. I do use a lot of separate branches many times because of the multiple sources of data I usually work with. What I notice is that it sometimes takes a bit to process files but specially, it takes time to go back if I need to do some undos or to even open the transform file for the 1st time (I am not sure if these situations would be improved by multi-thread support).

If there are multiple parallel branches then multi-threading should be significantly faster on machines with multiple cores (which is pretty much any modern machine). If ithere is a single input, a single pipeline of transforms and then a single output, then multithreading won’t make any difference.

Accidentally loading a big file a start-up is a bit annoying. I am currently working on a way around that.

The snapshot release has now been removed. Please install v1.12.0 instead: