What ChatGPT has to say about EDT

“Easy Data Transform” has several advantages over using spreadsheets for data processing and transformation:

  1. Intuitive interface: The app’s user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance make it easy to perform data transformations, even for those who are not familiar with spreadsheets or data processing.
  2. Speed and efficiency: “Easy Data Transform” is optimized for processing large amounts of data, making it much faster and more efficient than spreadsheets for handling complex data transformations.
  3. Data security: The app keeps your data secure on your computer, unlike spreadsheets that can be vulnerable to security breaches or unauthorized access.
  4. Auditable design: “Easy Data Transform” has an auditable design that keeps track of changes to your data, ensuring that your data is always accurate. In contrast, spreadsheets can be prone to errors and data inconsistencies.
  5. Comprehensive data transformation functions: “Easy Data Transform” provides a comprehensive set of data transformation functions that make it easy to pivot, aggregate, split, combine, and clean your data. These functions are not easily available in spreadsheets.

In summary, “Easy Data Transform” offers a more efficient, secure, and reliable alternative to spreadsheets for data processing and transformation.


Did ChatGPT come up with that? If so, that is impressive. The problem I have with ChatGPT is it sometimes bullshits and you have no idea how much confidence to have in the answer. Also I fear that the SEO people will use it to generate mountains of bland and mediocre content.

Yes, this is a ChatGPT response. I was surprised by the output. I wasn’t sure if it would recognize EDT.

It’s missed a key limitation of Excel (for example); it’s not just ‘large amounts of data’; it’s that it handles file sizes that Excel can’t, with it’s paltry 1m row restriction …

Absolutely! A CSV I get on a monthly basis counts 500.000 rows. And there are 17 versions of it (1 during 17 rolling months). It is such a PAIN to do this with excel only. I have explained this many times internally and still I am left in this gap with a swiss knife (Excel) and that is it.

But that was before I bought a portable version of EDT and put it on a USB stick. Today, EDT treated 900 million rows for me and it continues to grow. Thank you EDT! :smiley:

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