Weird Request - Every nth Row - Split to Columns

Warning : Just monkeying around to understand EDT capability. No real life purpose to this.

I wish to move data after every 5 rows to move to column . So Row 6-11 becomes new columns , Row 12-17 become columns and so forth .

Weird Request.transform (3.0 KB)

Concat Rows then Transpose should do it.

I was not sure if you were looking for a solution were the blue marked block is transformed in a column and the next block from columns 11 in own columns or if the complete rows into a single columns.

The rows are cut in the screenshot

I tried both and I hope it fit what you are looking for, but Iā€™m not sure if I got your wich 100%.

Weird Request 2.transform (6.3 KB)

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@Olaf, thanks again for the work , you got my request properly !!!

I am soon going to post a flat file collection facilitated via EDT into a database entry which can be useful to others.