Week of year calculation

It looks like the week of year calculation may be assuming that a week is M-S?? Is that possible? Typically (in the US) we calculate a work week from Sun-Sat but after some research I see the UK does M-Sat.

Im trying to calculate a payroll week and I need it to be Sun-Sat. Any thoughts on how to do that?

From Reference > Transforms > Calculate :

The year and the week of the year, from 01 to 53, separated with a comma. In accordance with ISO 8601, each week falls in the year to which most of its days belong, in the Gregorian calendar. As ISO 8601’s week starts on Monday, this is the year in which the week’s Thursday falls.

I guess you could use an If transform and DayOfWeek to modify the result.

can you say a little more about what you mean on this one?

If day evaluating equal Sunday calculate calendar week + 1