V2 Request - Batch Mode - Run script after completion

It would be great if I could run a scrip after completion of script . Cherry on top would be two scripts - 1 for fail , 1 for pass.

Technically I can use Hazel when successfully an output happens in a folder but integrated EDT is always more fun

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Beside of Hazel, Keyboard Maestro is an alternative, too.

I use it e.g. to start some EDT batch jobs or chains of such and do upfront and afterwards cleanup within KBM. (See the examples https://forum.easydatatransform.com/t/using-easy-data-transform-with-keyboard-maestro-on-your-mac/964/4)

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If you run a command line script you should be able to run another script afterwards. I don’t think it returns a different value fail though. Something for v2.

I completely forgot Keyboard Maestro !! That’s a great idea , when using OSX ! Any alternatives for the same on Windows ?

The idea was to figure if something has goes wrong with the script. Success/Failure atleast, so the rest of the steps could be stopped.