Using the Append Function in an output

Hello! The way I understand the “append” function is that it should take the output of the conversion and add that data to an existing spreadsheet.

I guess my first question is… Is that correct? If yes, I need a bit of advice on how to set it up.

Basically I have a spreadsheet of data we are keeping, call it “spreadsheet A”. Im creating a new transformation and one of the outputs will be the same data as spreadsheet A. What I would like to do is have the output add that data to spreadsheet A. However, when I try to create that output and select spreadsheet A as the location of the output, it gives me the “the current file exists, do you want to override.”

Am I doing something wrong?

You need to do all your transformations before outputting. So if you want to transform something (say using Calculate) and then Stack it under the input, you can do it something like this: