Using Easy Data Transform with Keyboard Maestro on your Mac

We have written a short article on how you can automate Easy Data Transform using the powerful Keyboard Maestro software on your Mac:

Also you can get 20% off a new Keyboard Maestro license for the next 7 days using this payment link.


Both programs are some of my favorites. A Mac without these feels wrong to me.


Awesomeness !! I love KM

Marriage of my 2 fav , well it’s a threesome as Hazel needs to be here in as well.


I use the combination KM and EDT often, here two examples.

The KM Macro is started by a keystroke on a Stream Deck.It deletes first some old files from former executions and start EDT with an transformation which I run then in Batch mode evaluating about 80 files.

The following one is similar, started by Stream Deck Key. It runs EDT within terminal in command line mode. First again some old files are deleted. Then in a for loop about 300 files are evaluates and some datails collected in one output file. In the next step another EDT transformation is called and the resulting file from the loop is evaluated and report details are written in some files. In the last steps the resulting file and some others are opened and moved on the screen that they are all visible and can be compared or data can be copied over between them. When this one is started I go to pick something to drink, it might need some minutes to execute. When I’m back the results are presented without further interaction.

@prashant You might see in one of the comments the second example had a predecessor step using Hazel. So all three are combined :grinning:


Thanks @Olaf. If anyone else can share examples of how they are using Keyboard Maestro and Easy Data Transform together, that would be very helpful.

I see Hazel , I give like :smiley:

I understand that Keyboard Maestro (Mac) is a sort of File Juggler (Win), right?

Perhaps we can have a dedicated page to vote for best EDT companions on Mac/Win platforms?

File Juggler does automation related to files and folders, on Windows. Keyboard Maestro does automation related to that and lots of other things, on Mac.

Keyboard Maestro (Mac) can handle actions around files, but dependent on the activities there a other better tools, like Hazel.

KBM is more it a form of Macro language to automate a lot of activities, as in the above example. It can run command line scripts, do System Management activities event or time based. Open programs, order windows on the screen. Run workloads with in programs and much more. It is an excellent tool to automate repeating activities in the OS and in programs. Have a look to the link form Admin, but there are a Lott of Youtube videos for it.

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You can compare KM to AutoHotkey, but with a gui instead of a scripting language.