Updating Adobe FrameMaker content with EDT

I have a series of Adobe FrameMaker books for the aviation industry. The footers in each file have to be updated with effectivity data that is maintained in a large, complex spreadsheet. My primary tools are ExtendScript (Adobe’s version of Javascript, built into FrameMaker), Excel, and EDT.

Here is a partial screenshot of my FrameMaker book.

First, I use ExtendScript to output a list of the book’s filenames so I can check them against the client’s spreadsheet data. I copy them to the Clipboard and use EDT to save the list to Excel.

Then, I use a complex EDT transform to isolate the effectivity data from the client’s spreadsheet.

I output the isolated data to a spreadsheet. I use an EDT Join to make sure that I have a spreadsheet entry for each file in the book.

The Explore Keys dialog is useful for verification.

After spot-checking the data and verifying the Join, I export the data to an XML file.

Finally, I run an ExtendScript script in FrameMaker that uses the XML data to update each document’s effectivity block in the footer.

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It might also be useful to use Subtract to list any keys in one dataset, but not the other.

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Thank you for the suggestion. With EDT being a new tool for me, I find myself just using the familiar features instead of exploring new ones. EDT is great and I want to really master it. Thank you for a great product.

I recommend reading through the expert tips to find some of the less obvious features:

Also perhaps read the documentation on one transform per day.

You’ll be an expert in no time. ;0)

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