Update file and rerun program

Hi, I set up a string of actions and it works perfectly. I save it. Then I “save as” and replace the excel sheet in the folder. Same file name and headers, only different information in the sheet. I open Easy Data Transform and run my actions. While all the action boxes are still there, I have to reset each one up before I can run the program. Is there any way to avoid having to reput in all the settings each day or time I use the saved file?

Thank you


If you delete the pink input item and then recomment a new one, then all the column related options will be reset. So don’t do that! Instead select the existing pink input item and click the browse button to change the file it points to.


Does that fix your problem?

I’m not replacing the file that way. I’m saving the file to a folder on my computer replacing the file that already set up in that box.

In that case I’m not sure why you need to reset anything. It is hard to say without more details. Is it possible to create a video of the issue?

Sounds like a plan, I will create one today or tomorrow and post it.