Two Screen Mode - Dock / Undock On Any Configuration

My request is to have the option to undock the right pane (used for transform configuration and data display) no matter how many displays are available. This gives the option to position and size each pane completely independently of the other pane. (Consider also allowing the Transform pane on the left side to be undocked as well, following the same rationale.)

In addition, I would like the size and position of each pane to be saved with the EDT transform file. In this way when I open a previously saved transform file it displays in the way that is most comfortable for me. Currently, I have to fiddle with putting each opened file in two-screen mode and resizing each window.

Consider changing the name from “Two Screen Mode” to some label that is more descriptive. Some people have more than two screens. Other software products use terms like “dock” and “undock” that more clearly communicate the feature.

I’m not sure there would be any real advantage to splitting the application into separate windows on one screen.

Saving the window size and screen split between sessions could be useful though. I will make a note of it.