Turning off conversions then running to a point

Hello again! I am working on a conversion and am having to insert steps in the middle. I am turning off the auto-convert so it doesnt impact downstream info until I have the data in the structure that I need. I swear that there used to be an option to just run the data up to that particular conversion step. There are the three “play” symbols at the top. The one with the gear around it. the one that is only the play button and the one that has the box around it. I know the gear one is auto off/on. I thought one of the other two was supposed to run the conversion up to the current step I am engaged with. but both of them not only run that step, but continue to run the downstream conversions. Yes, I know I can work around that by going on a different thread and then just stacking later, but I thought the point of those three play buttons was to give me different options. seems like the last two do the same thing. im on v1.41.0 for Mac.

There was. We removed it because it caused issues with column changes. See item 1 here:

If you are having issues with speed try inserting a Sample transform near the start to reduce the size of the dataset, then disable the sample when you are ready.

Ok good. I have trained up my staff so it’s been a bit since I have built from scratch. I thought I was losing it!!

I’ll give the sample option a shot. usually I just create a new thread and get the data where I want it and stack it back in and remove the original connection. works pretty good too.

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