Transform - Right Click Menu - Copy Data

I frequently have to make subsets of data in my transforms.

it would be helpful if the right-click menu in transform had a Copy data option or Copy data and Copy data and paste from clipboard to quickly create a subset of data.

Thanks for the suggestion. It would be relatively easy to add ‘copy data’ to the Center pane right click menu. There is the question of what format we copy it to memory in. Currently (clicking on th export to clipbaord button in the Right pane) we copy it into the clipboard in plain text and HTML formats.

I think a sensible default or acceptance criteria would be in a format that Excel knows how to place it in a tabular format with the header as well. That is if you only want to start with a single and simple copy function. There might be users that want CSV output, HTML formats, etc…

I think Excel is very flexible and seem to know how to handle many delimiters. — Maybe this is based on the system’s locale settings?

@DanFeliciano seems to want to make a copy-paste clipboard to maintain a static copy of the subset data in the transform workspace.

You can already copy to the clipboard and paste into Excel using the ‘export to clipboard’ button in the Right pane:

Or into an application that accepts HTML.

I didnt see that, thanks!

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You can also copy a subset of the data table from the right pane and paste into Excel:

I think @DanFeliciano just wants to be able to copy the whole dataset into the clipboard by right clicking on an item in the Center pane (not having to click the export button in the Right pane). Is that right Dan? Where do you want to be able to paste to - Excel?

Yes, copy the whole dataset into the clipboard by right clicking on an item in the Center pane. Actually, I tried to delete the suggestion after I made it, buti I couldn’t.

I think it is a good suggestion and pretty easy to add.

Right click copy data is now avialable in the new snapshot. Thanks for the suggestion.