The function Replace, replaced "&" with "Nothing"

The function Replace, replaced the & in the row, with “Nothing”.

If i have two: “&&” that make in the Replace “&only one, what I need.

Maybe an issue?

Thank you for reading and your time

Is this what you mean?

If you want to replace any number of ‘&’ chars with one, you might need to use a regular expression.

Oh, no.

I have html, with “&” in the inside. Normal only one &!

But, I’ll not replace the “&” with something!

The Replace function delete them!


without the “&

Can you show a few rows of input and the corresponding output that you want.

I want to create a Test Table, but, there is the replace function correct.

With my real data, the & was deleted.

I still don’t understand what you are trying to do. If you could paste in here a few rows of inputs and the outputs you want for that input, it would help.