Thank you and batch process.....I think

First off, the forum help here is spectacular. Thank you always for quick replies from the developer as well as other transformers.

I think what I want to do has to do with batch processing, but that whole process is confusing.

Every day I load a new file into a transform, it goes through the work and then I slightly change the name of the output and let it run to the folder.

Input File: Schedule Data 09/02/21
It transforms
Output Data: Schedule Data Transform 09/02/21

Is there a way the transform can look for a new file to be saved to a folder and just run this for me without me having to manually tell it to look for the new file and manually editing the name of the output?

Ideally, I get the file, do a save into the folder and then I go to the output folder and its done…trying to save steps!

There are a few approaches you could take.

  1. Always use the same name for your input file and output file. With the input item select check watch file in the right pane. Easy Data Transform will then detect any changes to that file and recalculate everything. Note:
  • you will need Easy Data Transform to be running
  • the output file will always have the same name


  1. Use File>Batch Process to process all finput files that match a certain pattern in a folder (e.g. *.csv) and create output files with names based on the input files. Note:
  • you will need to run File>Batch Process each time you want to do this
  • every input file matching the pattern will be processes


  1. Write a simple script (e.g. a .bat file on Windows) to:
  • rename your input file to, say, input.csv
  • run a .transform file from the command line
  • rename your output file (e.g. to output_03_09_2021.csv)

Currently we don’t have an option for a ‘hot folder’ where any file matching a pattern added to that folder is automatically processed according to a .transform. But that is something we might add in future.