Testing software, have merge questions

Sheet two has column headers: job number, job category.

I need these two sheets to become one sheet. Sheet 1 and sheet 2 “job numbers” need to match up with the corresponding job category in the correct row.

I’ve attached three sample sheets but on the final merge sheet the yellow highlight does not need to be on it. I only wanted to point out what I need.

Is this possible with this software?

Thank you for your time



You can easily do this using a ‘join’ transform to join the 2 input spreadsheets using the ‘Job number’ columns as the key. For more details please see:

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Thanks for the information!

Is there any transform you would recommend for merging cells too?

I have database with many duplicate records/rows, but where some fields have been updated.

Row1: Id1,Tom,Hansen,note1,status1
Row2: Id1,Tom,Hansen,note2,status1

Want a transform that gives:
Row1: Id1,Tom,Hansen,note1 note2,status1

The transform finds and merges duplicate rows, and where cells/fields are different it merges both, if cells/fields are same, it keeps only one/original.

I guess what I need is a cell check:
If data in duplicate 1: cell x is different than in duplicate 2: cell x, keep both.
If data in duplicate 1:cell x is different than in duplicate 2: cell x, keep only data in duplicate 1:cell x.
(usually we will know which sheet/data has been updated the most recent = keep only this data, but sometimes we need both old and new)


Unique can easily do this for you.

Example .transform file:
unique.transform (1.3 KB)

See also:

Thanks Admin! That is very helpful. I think this will solve my problem with duplicates. Will test! :slight_smile: