Tab delimited transform missing rows

When I pull in a tab delimited text file it automatically recognises it as fixed width. At this stage it has the correct number of rows (570,227 in my case). However, when I change the file type to delimited text, although it now picks up the columns correctly, the row count drops to 512,217. I’ve tried unticking ‘has header’, ‘trim whitespace’ etc, but it makes no difference.

This happens on lots of different tab delimited files I’m using, so it’s not a one off.


Easy Data Transform defaults to .txt files being fixed width format. If you go to the Input extensions tab you will be able to set it to Delimited text.

If you send us your tab delimited file, I will be happy to take a look. If it is too big to email, you might have to upload it somewhere and send us a link.