Sum of "grouped" values for further calculations

Hi, here is a new problem for you.
I would need to automatically assign the rental value of the various costume parts, which can always be different in both number and “weight” by calculating the sum of the weights of the various pieces of each costume, and then relating the weights to both the number of pieces and the total value of the entire costume. The same piece will have a different rental value if it belongs to a costume that has two pieces, rather than one consisting of four pieces.
Here is an attached example of the kind of result I would like to achieve.

name group weight (1-100) equals sum totale costume weighted values
costume01_giacca costume01 25 40 1000 625
costume01_pantaloni costume01 10 40 1000 250
costume01_cappello costume01 5 40 1000 125
costume02_giacca costume02 20 100 1500 300
costume02_pantaloni costume02 35 100 1500 525
costume02_cappello costume02 20 100 1500 300
costume02_scarpe costume02 25 100 1500 375
costume03_giacca costume03 15 30 2000 1000
costume03_pantaloni costume03 15 30 2000 1000

(I tried to work on it in airtable but it is very difficult for what my knowledge is, in the program the sum of the values of the grouped elements is automatic, but basically you cannot use it to do calculations, except by using automations and complex scripts)
Thanks in advance to everyone :slight_smile:

So you want to calculate the weighted values column given the other 5 columns as input?

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I took the following data, as this for me seems to be the starting point.

name group weight (1-100)
costume01_giacca costume01 25
costume01_pantaloni costume01 10
costume01_cappello costume01 5
costume02_giacca costume02 20
costume02_pantaloni costume02 35
costume02_cappello costume02 20
costume02_scarpe costume02 25
costume03_giacca costume03 15
costume03_pantaloni costume03 15

Here is your sum with each piece of the costume, I could not understand how totale costume and weighted values are arrived at.

If you could elaborate more on that, how they are calculated or arrived at.

Transform file.
SumOfGroupedValues.transform (3.0 KB)


Hi, thanks a lot for your help. it was exactly what I was searching: SUM of values of grouped elements (elements with the same group). Totale costume is given ad it is needed to create weighted values used in association with the sums of values per group of identical names. I need this kind of calculation because every costume has different total price, different pieces and different number of pieces and I have to automatically calculate the prices of single pieces with weighted values.

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Hi, I must calculate equals sum from given groups of weight (1-100) and then calculate the weighted values based on given total costume.
This is :slight_smile: