Suggested GUI improvement in REORDER COLS Transform


Quick suggestion for a GUI improvement.
In the REORDER COLS transform in the right panel the window to drag and re-order the columns is currently too small to see much especially if the table has a lot of fields.

Would it be possible to please allow the user to re-size this window as needed?
(i.e . By dragging the red bar in the screen capture.)


We did look at putting a draggable splitter here. But it caused a few headaches.

Do you have v1.19.0 installed? Because we made some improvements to the control sizing.

Note that you can temporarily hide the data table, so that this control is full height.



Yes, I am using v1.19.0.

Didn’t know about that “hide the data table” button but testing quickly now:
Yes, the data table hides BUT the size of the window to re-order the columns remains unchanged (it does not expand in size into the area left vacant by the hidden data table…)

I will look into that.

I found the issue and fixed it. It will be in the next release. Thanks for reporting it.

This should now be fixed in this snapshot:

Please try it and let me know if it works.