Stack Function Not Working Propoerly


I recently bought a new computer and downloaded Easy Data Transform to continue the work projects I am working on. When I downloaded the most recent version I noticed the stack function is not working properly. Here is the error message it is giving me:

Input 2 (Fake EE File Master - OUM.xlsx[Sheet1], 11 cols x 234 rows) aligned ‘1’ under ‘UniqueEIN’ (column 1)

No one else is having this issue who uses the program. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

@JSutcliff It is hard to say without seeing the data. Can you email us the input data and the .transform files?

If the input data is large you can either:

  1. delete all but the first few lines
  2. send it using a service such as - Send large files securely and free of charge

BTW There was a bug in v1.23.0. If you have that I recommend installing v1.23.1.

Note that there is more feedback on Stack in recent versions, so it may just be a new warning that a columns with different column names are being stacked (e.g. column named 1 is being aligned under a column called UniqueEIN). The output may be the same as before.

It looks like the error I was getting from the program was fixed with the update. Thanks for the help!

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