Splitting file into multiple files by rows

Hi, maybe first I explain what I’m trying to do.
I have xlsx file with 77 rows of names, address and contact details divided in 5 columns. I need to split rows into separate files so they end up as vcf files and I can upload them to address book in Mac contacts.

I successfully added required header names for each column (I think), I converted it to single csv file, I used “Substitute” to create column with unique filenames for each row and I gave them extension .csv.
Then, when I go to output, file, I change from single to multiple files, change Files column to “filename” I get warning
Relative file path for ‘XXXXXXXXXX.csv’ at row 1, but .transform not saved for it to be relative to

And like this for 77 rows and no multiple files are saved.

Can someone please help.


Easy Data Transform doesn’t know what folder to put file XXXXXXXXXX.csv in. That is why you get a warning.

If you save your .transform file it will put it in the save folder as you saved your .transform file.

Or you can set an absolute path, e.g.


I would recommend using an absolute path. You can use the Concat Cols transform to add: