Splitting cell to create new rows

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I wonder if this is possible.

I have project row information and it has a number column (2 decimal places), called ‘Hours’, and I want to generate/split the value of the Hours out into several rows. So the number of rows will vary depending on the number in this column.
The rows are to be generated in batches of between 0-100 (as an example).

So if there is a value of 525 then this will generate 6 new rows.
See attached sample dataset in excel.

Not sure if possible or has to be done with code?

splitting cell to create rows.csv (294 Bytes)

Yes it is and here is the solution.

Transform file.
SplitingCellstoCreateNewRow.transform (4.3 KB)


well that is awesome! but did need a bit of javscript wizardy in the mix.

many thanks!

Well JavaScript is part of EDT transform and you asked if possible or not.

Here I added another way of doing it, with using less number of Transforms

Transform file.
SplitingCellstoCreateNewRow2.transform (7.8 KB)


Javascript is sometimes needed for edge cases. Especially when iteration is required.

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thanks @Admin @Anonymous for your help, amazing! yeah the javascript feature is a very useful option to have !