Split .CSV, Keep Like Lines together in file

Hello – I have some large .csv files. I want to do 2 things:

  1. Split the file on Number of Records, say 90,00 max.
  2. Want to keep individual lines in a single file for particular order / transaction.

Ex. Order ID is in the line item. I want to make sure an Order stays together across a Split file.
Ex. If Order P0015065 has 5 Lines in the .csv file I want to prevent the first 3 lines in File 1, and the last 2 lines being File 2.


Part 1is quite easy. See example 3 at:

Part 2 is trickier. Easy Data Transform doesn’t really store state from one row to the next. But I believe I managed to do it. I used some made up data and split it into files of ~5 rows each, keeping each transaction in 1 file. You should be able to modify it to do what you want. Set Write mode in the output to Overwrite when you have finished your changes.

split-statement.transform (5.1 KB)

Thanks. I will take a look.