Sort Dates and Times?

Hi, I had some great help from supports before buying but need help finishing my project.
This is the screenshot from Easy Data Transform

On the excel sheet, I notice there an issue with time in the sorting.
Time Stamp

Is it possible to add another sort to sort by time or is there a way to split the date and time into two columns to make sorting work better?




Yes, you can use Split to split the datetime into date and time components, using ‘T’ as the delimiter to split on.

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Hi, I have a couple of questions about the sorting time and dates.
This is what the time and dates look like after I’ve split them into two columns
Split columns

  1. Is there a way to move the positions of the columns?
  2. Is there a way to rename the headers columns?

Assuming there isn’t.
This is how my original time and date looks
form date and time

At this time I’m splitting them into two columns. Is there a way to sort these by time and date without having to split them into new columns?

Thank you

You can use a Reorder Cols transform to recorder columns and Rename Cols to rename columns.

You need to do the split as Easy Data Transform understands dates and how to sort them, but not datetimes.

Hi, that fixed a lot of issues, thanks.

I still have one issue.

Sometimes the date is not the newest at the top.

Date and Time sort wrong
Date and Time sort wrong 2

Why would this happen? It is the time sorting? Thoughts? I would delete the times but sometimes to reports come in on the same day and I need to know which are the newest. I can always sort the times in excel if need be.

One other thing while I’m posting. Can your software compare two excel sheets and show the changes between the two?

Thank you

It won’t be the time column if you aren’t sorting on that column.

Have you got it sorting ‘descending’ rather than ‘ascending’ on the date column?

Also it is possible that the Sort transform doesn’t see this column as dates. Is it all dates in this column? Are they all in the same dd/mm/yyyy format?

You can email support your spreadsheet and .transform file if you are stuck on this.

You could try using Join or Subtract.

Hi, I got it all figured out, love your software. I was wondering if there is a way to can save these settings so that each day I can attach a new spreadsheet to it without having to reset it up?


Yes, just File>Save as to a .transform file. You can then File>Open it again at any later point. If the input file changes, you can either change the input to the new input file or just rename your new input file to the file name expected by the .transform.