Snapshot release 26-Sep-2022

There is a new snapshot release for Windows and Mac. It adds to the previous snapshot release:

  • A new Outliers transform, for dealing with outliers in numerical data.

  • More control over tooltips in the Center pane.


For more details and to download this release go to:

The downloads are called:

  • EasyDataTransform_1_34_1_snapshot_2.exe
  • EasyDataTransform_1_34_1_snapshot_2.dmg

You may need to refresh the page, if you have visited it previously.

As a snapshot release, it isn’t as thoroughly tested as a production release, but it should be fairly stable. Please try it and let us know if you have any problems.

Next on the wishlist - producing a universal (fat) binary for Mac so that you can run Easy Data Transform natively on Apple ARM chips (rather than using Rosetta2 emulation).