Snapshot release 26-Mar-2021 (auto recovery + show whitespace)

There is a new 1.14.2 snapshot release with various improvements.

In addition to the dark mode and color schemes in the previous 1.14.2 snapshot release it also has:

  • an auto recover file, to save you losing data in the event of running out of memory or a crash
  • optionally show whitespace in the Right pane
  • bug fixes


You can find out more and download the release here:

Make sure you refresh the page if you already installed the previous v1.14.2 snapshot release.

Please let us know if you have any problems or suggestions.

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I used the link above to download the snapshot. It download 14.1 for the Mac.


I tried it here and got v1.14.2 for Mac. The About date stamp on the Mac version is Mar 26 2021 18:01:35.

Here are the direct links: