Snapshot release 20-Dec-2023

There is a new v1.45.1 snapshot release. Changes since the previous v1.45.1 snapshot release include:

  • Display a single value in the Value window.
  • Better handles very long data values in the right-click menu and tooltips.
  • The case of values is preserved where possible when doing Count with case sensitive unchecked.
  • A couple of minor bugs have been fixed in the Mac version.

You can find out more and download the release for Windows or Mac at:

This will hopefully be the last snapshot release before the v1.46.0 production release. Please try it and let us know if you have any issues.

If you downloaded the previous snapshot, you may need to refresh the page.

The downloads should be called:
Windows: EasyDataTransform_1_45_1_snapshot_3.exe
Mac: EasyDataTransform_1_45_1_snapshot_3.dmg

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