Snapshot release 18-Feb-2021 (dark theme + color schemes)

A new v1.14.2 snapshot release is available. It includes spiffy new dark themes for both Windows:

And Mac:

You can now also change the color scheme in the Center pane:

Including to your own custom colors:

Find out more and download the snapshot from:

Please let us know what you think of the new dark theme.

If you think you have come up with a good custom Center pane color scheme, please post a screenshot on this thread and we might include it as a named color scheme in future release (no promises!). It should follow the standard convention of input=pink/red, transform=blue, output=green.

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Downloading now @Admin! Will test and let you know my feedback. Once again, THANK YOU for the incredible work.

For now and because I love dark themes (much better for my poor eyes), I am using a slight customized version of the Dark theme with dark grey instead of black in the background and the connecting arrows in lighter grey for better contrast. I really like the fact that we have a nice choice of different themes by default and that we can fairly decently customize almost everything. I am not sure I would change a lot on what was done. Working just fine here.

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Hmm, when I heard about the color schemes, I thought to myself, I would like to see other new transforms. However, when I installed the Snapshot and selected the Dark theme, I was surprised how much better EDT seemed to me.

Great update! I would have never thought the scheme would have such surprisingly positive affect on me.

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One the one hand things like colors does seem rather trivial and doesn’t directly affect the output.

On the other hand it does have an impact on usability. Particularly for people with visual impairments. Also a dark theme is increasingly expected, especially on Mac.

Hopefully we can stop pixel wrangling now and get back to some real programming. ;0)