Snapshot release 16-Jun-2022

There is a new snapshot release here:

Changes include:

  • a new Impute transform
  • improvements to the Summary transform
  • improvements to the Column Values window
  • you can now double-click an item in the Center pane to show it fullscreen

As a snapshot release, it isn’t as thoroughly tested as a production release, but it should be fairly stable. Please try it and let us know what you think.

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I’m loving the right-click to open the table in full screen.

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There is an issue with this snapshot that makes processing a bit slower, especially for smaller datasets (e.g. 10 seconds, instead of 2, for a series of transforms of 35k rows). That will be fixed for the production release.

@Admin Has the speed been fixed? I’m on v1.31.0, but it’s still slow. :hot_face:

I’m transforming 30-40k rows, which used to be almost instantaneous.

We fixed the speed issue we knew about in v1.31.0. If you can give me some details (ideally a .transform file and input(s)) I will look into this for the next release.

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