Snapshot release 16-Aug-2022

There is a new snapshot release here for WIndows and Mac. Changes are:

  • Overwriting a sheet in an Excel file no longer causes the file to grow.
  • JSON and XML input progress now correctly shown.
  • Fixed a couple of issues related to column variables.

For more details and to download the release go to:

As a snapshot release, it isn’t as thoroughly tested as a production release, but it should be fairly stable. Please try it and let us know if you have any problems.

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Great news,
The growing excel file was quite bothersome.

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This release adds improvements and bug fixes to v1.31.0 (Windows) and v1.31.1 (Mac).

Again the version number mentioned is wrong. It should be v1.32.0 (Windows) and v1.32.1 (Mac) on the snapshot release page.

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That is fixed now, thanks.