Snapshot release 13-Oct-21 (output to Excel time format)

You can now export to Excel hh:mm:ss format. Your data should be in the form hh:mm:ss or hh:mm.

We have also fixed:

  • An issue where Subtract and Intersect could result in empty headers.
  • An issue where deleting a transform could result in duplicate connections.

You can download and install this snapshot release using these links:

This snapshot is made available for customers to give feedback on. It has not been tested as fully as a production release, but it should be fairly stable. Please reply to this thread if you have any feedback.

I had output with empty headers for zero-row output in the last few days. This update cures the problem, which wasn’t exactly devastating, anyway.

There is one other thing I’ve noted but haven’t recently tested.

When writing to tabs in an output file, it seems like EDT will get in conflict with itself if it tries to write output before the [tab name] has been completely entered and the output mode hasn’t been changed from overwrite file to overwrite sheet. If the phone rings while I’m typing a tab name, EDT can get unhappy. I’ve seen it hang.

As a safety measure, when I add an output I disable it immediately, before EDT can write it.

Then, at my leisure, I add the tab name to the output and set overwrite and by sheet in one stroke before EDT tries to write.

By the way, yesterday I was in a Teams chat with a project manager who was building a report from multiple sources. He was struggling, I did a screen share so he could watch. I built his report in less than a minute. Very cool. Joins are handy!

Glad that helps.

I haven’t seen that myself. Is this on Windows or Mac? Can you reproduce it fairly reliably?


Hey, Andy - I’ve seen problems from output collisions, or at least hallucinated it, several times with an earlier iteration of EDT.

I can’t get it to happen any more. I get a warning that unpredictable things could come from the same file appearing as an overwrite/file more than once, but I can’t get EDT to hang.

It’s been a rough day and I was really looking forward to a good solid crash.

Alas, the current version just runs. I can’t trip it up with bad choices for output files.

Have a great day!

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Thanks for trying. If you overwrite the same Excel file more than once (without setting ‘overwrite/sheet’) you will get warnings. But it shouldn’t hang or crash. If you are able to get it to hang or crash, please let me know.