Snapshot release 10-Dec-21

There is a new snapshot release here:

Please make sure you refresh the page if you have been to it previously.

The direct download links are:


The changes since v1.22.0 are described on the release page linked above.

The changes since the previous snapshot (v1.22.1 snapshot 1) are:

The following transforms now allow you to highlight changes made by the transform:

  • Case
  • Chop
  • Date Format
  • Decode
  • Extract
  • Fill
  • Hash
  • Insert
  • Number Format
  • Offset
  • Pad
  • Replace
  • Scale
  • Unfill
  • Units
  • Whitespace

Check the compare changes checkbox below the data table to highlight changes made by the transform.


Click on or hover over a cell to see details of each change.

Click on the up and down arrows to move between changes. Changes hidden by dataset filtering are skipped.

Additional information is now displayed in the Info tab when inputting files with options set to Automatic .

There is now a button to show column data frequencies. Select the column you wish to check and click the button, or double-click the column header. The frequencies are now also shown with graphical bars.

The Stats transform now has additional options for calculating:

  • variance
  • first quartile
  • third quartile
  • inter quartile range
  • skew

The Case transform no longer changes letters to upper case after an apostrophe for Title case .

Pressing Return or Enter in the browse file field in the Right pane could sometimes cause a hang. This is now fixed.

We are still working on the ability to start and stop processing. That isn’t quite finished yet, but will hopefully be available soon.

This snapshot is made available for customers to give feedback on. It has not been tested as fully as a production release, but it should be fairly stable.

Please let us know if you have any feedback the new features, either by emailing us or replying to this post. We are particularly interested to know about any bugs or issues.

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