Snapshot release 08-Sep-2022 (it's a big one!)

This is the first snapshot with our most requested enhancement, the ability to manually control processing. This has involved a lot of changes internally and we have been working on it, on and off, for quite some time. Just unselect Run>Auto Run to switch into manual processing mode. You can now also Stop automatic runs part way through.



It isn’t production quality yet and the documentation isn’t fully updated, but it should be fairly robust. We are interested in any feedback and bug reports. Please let us know what you think in this thread. Download link and more details at:


Yeeees. I’m on this tomorrow. Will report any bugs I find.

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Finally, the option I was most interested in and waiting for. I doubt that there will be any issues due to diligence and attention to details on your part, but if any came up, I will report it.

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There have been a lot of changes internally and we haven’t fully tested it yet, so I would be surprised if we haven’t missed something.

@Admin using it for 2h and for now I didnt see any obvious flaw. I didnt test a lot of scenarios though so I’ll keep working with it. I just need to get used to full processing vs processing of certain parts (this is a great feature btw - VERY handy).

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I loaded my original transform that was causing this problem and it now worked perfectly. I like the way you now have so much control over the processing. PASS - great job.


Thanks. Have found a fixed a few issues since the snapshot. But nothing major, so far.

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100% agree - fantastic. :+1:

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