Set Output folder, keep file name

I tested on two Macs running 12.3.1, both Apple M1. I cannot input [], {} and some other special characters, neither in the output, nor the input file fild or the replace transform.

But I can input those characters in the batch process input or output alias fields.

I don’t think anything is catching the key presses or something, as I have no problem in other apps I tried. I am opening Mail or Notes or a browser to input the chars and copy them over.
I don’t think it’s a font issue, as the chars show up fine when pasted. I still think it’s an i18n issue :wink:

Most interestingly, though, Easy Data Transform is not multi-language. It does not offer any other language than english… so then it is not i18n but an encoding or keyboard layout issue???

Yes, they are built with Qt 5. Strange.

Is this on v1.26.1 or 1.26.0 or both?

I need to work out why your Macs are behaving differently to mine.

What font do you have set for the UI in Preferences?

What Locale do you have set in Preferences?

I am using 1.26.1
Font: .AppleSystemUIFont, 13pt
Locale German, Germany

Thanks. And does the same problem occur in v1.26.0? (which you can download from Download Easy Data Transform Software for Windows and Mac ).

Sorry about all the questions. But I would really like to get to the bottom of this.

No problem. If it helps to solve this, that’s my benefit.

On v1.26.0 the problem is the same.

BTW: changing the locale to English:US does not change anything.

Digging through my code I am just using a standard QLineEdit widget and not doing anything ‘clever’ to this widget.

I looked through the Qt bug database and didn’t find anything.

What keyboard layout do you have? German?

yes, Keyboard-Layout is German.

Changing this to english (and looking up how to enter this…) works. With an english keyboard layout, I can enter {} or [] or |

Ok, that narrows it down a bit. Thanks. I will do some investigating.

@jimmyhartington What is language is your keyboard set to?

If I change my keyboard to ‘German - standard’ on my Mac then I can’t type these 3 characters into the Replace QLineEdit: {[], but I can type } and |.

I have posted a question on a Qt forum and will keep digging.

Found it. Not a Qt bug. We are overriding Alt+6, Alt+7 and Alt+8 as application shortcuts to change focus to outputs 6, 7 and 8 in the Center pane. It turns out that these are {, [, and ] on a German keyboard! Removing those shortcuts fixes the issue.

Fix will be out soon.

Thanks @jimmyhartington and @joker for your help tracking this down.


This issue should now be fixed:

Please try it and let us know.

Works like expected. Very nice. Thanks for the solution and the quick fix of the keyboard issue.

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