Save or lock module for later use

Hi, I think it would be great if we could save modules for later use. For myself, I have to save my final sheet with the column in a set order. When I do reorder columns, I’d like to save that module so it’s easier to add in the next project. I know I can save as to and edit for the new report but I still wish I could lock a module setting or save it for later use.

Just a thought

This is exactly what I think I proposed even though I framed it in a different way. It would be important to be able to disconnect transformations and copy / paste move them around in the same or other projects. That would save an incredible amount of time doing a lot of things and not having to recreate the same transformations over and over.

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That would work too.

It is on our wishlist to be able re-use transforms, either single transforms (e.g. a commonly used Javascript transform) or groups of transforms. We need to put some thought into the best way to do it, that is both easy to use and flexible.

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