Reusing transforms on a different input file

Sorry if this has been covered in answers to other questions, but I saved a series of transforms on one file that I wanted to reuse on a different input file having the exact same format, but different data.

Unfortunately, when I disconnect the original input file and try to connect the new one to the transforms, all the transforms that require column selections now have them unchecked. I have to re-check each one. Is there a way for it to remember which columns were selected for each transform, or to save column selections?

If you disconnect the input it will reset all the column related parameters downstream, for consistency. So we don’t recommend that. Instead just change the file that the input is pointing to. E.g. by clicking on the ‘…’ browse button in the Right pane with the input item selected.

If you are trying to do the same set of transforms on lots of files then please look at batch processing:

I had my moment when quickly I wanted to add a transformation in the beginning to solve a problem at the end faster.

I disconnected and all but the rename transformation were reseted. (Lucky me because there was a lot to rename)

If the parameters could stay “locked” during the sessions that would be a very handy feature.

It is tricky because how do you ‘lock’ something to column 9 when there is no column 9?

Note that you can insert a transform between 2 existing transforms.


This generally avoids the issue (not always, this is something we hope to fix soon).

I see. It is a one time mistake anyway. (Or hopefully so.)

But it is somehow an understandable reflex due to the design. When you see the transformations, there comes immediately the idea to ones mind to just quickly copy the branch and stick it to another input.

So I need to think about a naming strategy for the inputs then. Maybe a folder that renames the inputs accordingly. Is there a best practice or do people regularly do this go via the batch function? (have not come to the moment to use that one, i.e. learn about it.)

I completely understand. But we have to maintain internal consistency, which regretably can lead to nuking of column related parameters downstream. But we may find a cleverer way to deal with this issue in future.

Note that you can click the ‘…’ browse button next to the location of a file and choose a different file. if this file has the same (or more) columns then no column information will be lost.

The batch feature is useful when you want to apply the same .transform to lots of files.

Have not seen that one. Thank you very much. (That was kind of embarrassing… :joy:)