Request Num Format Indian Locale with group separator

Currently Num Format Supports US,UK formatting with Locale option so 400000 shows as 400,000 . I had like to request for taking system locale setting for Indian formatting so

400000 becomes 4,00,000
4000000 becomes 40,00,000

This should be supported if your locale is set correctly. But there might be a bug.

What values do you have set for Locale in Preferences>General?

Which version of Easy Data Transform do you have?

Are you on Windows or Mac?

I am using Mac , I am on latest 1.41.0 .In Locale - English India is selected

I can confirm, on Windows , Locale - English India the output is still 400,000 and not 4,00,000

The third party library we use (Qt) should be able to handle Indian group separators. I will investigate.

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It is a bug in the Qt library we use. We have reported it:

It should be fixed when we move from Qt 5 to Qt 6, which will hopefully happen for Easy Data Transform v2 (depending on some issues related to text encoding in Qt 6).