Replace value with other from list

I have one file with list of values like this.

I would like to replace the values with the ID from another file.

So all Aseptic Tank becomes 1334.
Brochure becomes 1343. etc.

Which transform can do this?

The lookup transform will add a column from a second table based on a linkage from the first table to the second. After that you would probably want to remove unneeded columns and rename the one you’re interested in.

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Yup, use the Lookup transformation.

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Thanks. That was just what I was looking for. It works. I just need 5 lookups to do it for the 5 columns.

You just need to be a bit careful if you have multiple ids for same item name or missing items names. You can use the Explore Keys button to check for duplicates and set If no match to handle misses.