Replace in multiple columns with a row's data

Happy New Year everyone. My first row has a series of numbers. I want to use these numbers to replace values in each column. Hopefully the screenshot will illustrate what I am doing. I want to replace the X in each column with the number in the first row. I did column 13 with a Replace. Do I need to do a Replace for each column or is there a more efficient way to do this?

One enhancement request might be the ability to specify a column for each row of the Replace. That way you could do what I want with a single Replace function. Thank you!

I couldn’t think of a way to this apart from having a separate Replace for each column.

I think that would make the user interface of the Replace transform much more complicated.

Thank you Andy. Adding multiple Replace functions was not much of a problem. And I agree about the complication of my enhancement request. Thanks for the quick response!

Actually there is an (obscure) way to do it using Gather and Spread.

gather-and-spread.transform (3.6 KB)

One thing I was messing with: it looks like you use XML for the transform files. Editing the XML file might be a good way to add a bunch of Replace (or other) operations. One thing I notice when I open a .transform file in an XML editor: there are a bunch of Unicode 0x1f characters, which are not legal in XML.

However, I was able to add a Replace in the XML file and connect it between two other ones. When I reopened the transform in EDT, it worked fine. It would be great if you could substitute the 0x1f character for a valid XML character. I am not sure what the purpose of the 0x1f character is. I am googling around to find out.

Yes the .transform file is XML. You can modify it by hand (or using Easy Data Transform!). But make sure you keep a copy of the original, in case you mess it up.

The 0x1F character is the ASCII ‘unit separator’ character (US). As it is almost never used in data it is a very convenient way to separate multiple values stored in a single value (the purpose it was intended for).␟

However we later realized it isn’t a legal XML character. Oops. We will be looking into getting rid of it for v2, while still maintaining backward compatibility.

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I had a look to the proposed solution. It didn’t work 100% correctly. From my perspective the sort and the replace should be changed in the sequence and the sort needs a second condition to get the value to be filled on the top of the list

otherwise the Fill doesn’t fill as intended.

gather-and-spread2.transform (3.7 KB)


Thanks for the correction @Olaf.


Here it is as per your screen shot all X replaced by their required numbers.

Transform file.
Replace_in_Multiple_Columns.transform (4.6 KB)

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@Olaf Thank you for reworking it. @Anonymous I ran my entire data set through yours and it worked perfectly. I have to step through it so I can really understand how it works. Thank you Andy as well. EDT is amazing!

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