Repeating action


First of all i really enjoy your software.

i work with huge amount of data that i must split to not encounter the error Out of memory.

at the same time each file as the same characteristic and would like to suggest an option to pre-configure a same action choosing the same column and then run it to save time.

In that case i used to upload at least 10 go of data and i must change 1 by one the column wait for it to be done and repeat on and on to get the job done.

Maybe you already have a feature giving me the opportunity to reach the same goal.

By the way, i cannot write the character “@” in filter have to copy past it all the time.

Thank you very much.

Hi @mael

So you need to change the Top key column for Intersect 1, wait a few seconds, change the Bottom key column for Intersect 1, wait a few seconds, change the Top key column for Intersect 2, wait a few seconds … ? There are a couple of things you can do:

  • Set Right pane processing delay in the Preferences to a longer time (say 5 seconds) to ensure that that changes aren’t processed until you have finished making the changes.
  • Add a sample transform straight after the input and set Rows to pass through only the first 100 or so rows.

See also:

Longer term we are also considering other solutions, such as the option to turn off automatic processing for a while. But this causes issues with consistency that we haven’t yet decided the best way to resolve yet.

If you are really pushing the limits on memory/file size, you might need to split your transformations across more than one .transform files. We are adding an autorecover file feature so that you don’t lose changes if Easy Data Transform runs out of memory.

I can type ‘@’ into the Filter field on my Mac without any problems:


Are you sure it isn’t an issue with keyboard configuration? Can you type ‘@’ in other application?!